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Solid Concrete Prices set in…Concrete

Every house starts with a solid foundation. If you want to buy the materials yourself and find your own labour-only concretor, then you can save a small fortune. TAG has negotiated red hot, locked-in rates through Boral Concrete until 30 Jun 2021; that’s the power of group buying. With Boral’s extensive network of plants, large fleet of trucks and consistently high quality of concrete, you’re another step closer to #BuildingBetterBusiness.

What is TAG?

Why should the volume builders and contractors be the only ones with sharp prices? Trade Alliance Group (TAG) is a buying group who wants to see you succeed in #BuildingBetterBusiness.

By joining the fight for better prices and service, you can help yourself, and other small builders and tradies like you, achieve much more competitive prices than possible on your own…and ultimately build a better business.

How to claim this deal:

  • Simply choose your preferred contact time, and click the submit button on the enquiry form on the right (if on desktop) or below (if on mobile)

Key inclusions:

  • Great rates from Boral Concrete locked in until Jun 2021
  • Quality concrete through their vast distribution network

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