From new beginnings, big things grow. | Markett

After many months of hard work, intensive partnership building and further networking; the team at Enabling Your Business have finally completed our official major rebrand to “Markett”.

With the change of direction and primary focus formerly being on a paid membership structure for business education, support, deals & discounts, downloads and more through an all in one inclusive platform – our co-founders and partners saw a more significant opportunity with the CONVID-19 outbreak to give back to the Australian business community and separate the deals & discounts into a unique marketplace, entirely free for all Australian businesses to join.

The original goal for Enabling Your Business was to empower more businesses to do better, thrive, and most importantly build better businesses. All business education and support are moving to a 3rd party provider that will be announced at a later date.

So why “Markett”? We chose the name “Markett” for two reasons:

  • The symbology behind what a “market” stands for, makes the new brand and purpose easier to understand and grasp
  • Applying modern-day brand naming standards, we have added the extra “t” to allow us to use the symbology of “market” but still visually look modern and easy to pronounce

As part of the major rebrand, we had to remove all references of logos, icons, and colours associated with the old Enabling Your Business branding. This process took considerable time and effort to achieve, many hidden and only accessible to new deal providers & suppliers (e.g. media kits, partner kits, and more).

The design and colours chosen for the new logo are based on the current 2019-2020 branding colour trend of high contrast colours. Continuing our use of blue from Enabling Your Business, we applied more contrast. We achieved the now prominent vibrant blue you can see in our new branding today, coupled with the vibrant bright yellow as a feature highlight colour.

The symbol/icon within the logo, “MK” is a combination of the two primary letters within the name itself. A reference to the hard work and dedication our Co-founders have spent and put in to build Markett to what it is today and beyond.

As we embark on this journey, into CONVID-19 recovery; we the team here at Markett look forward to bringing new and exciting deals and discounts, reducing the barrier to entry for new businesses through to SMB’s and more.

So if you’re new here, take the first step and access Markett today, completely free, for all Australians businesses alike.